Fabrice de Pierrebourg and André Noël once again defaming

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Some journalists in Quebec, such as Fabrice de Pierrebourg or André Noël, consider journalism as a show and are pretty good at entertaining readers. Even if they tell fairy tales.

The shocking and yet inaccurate accusations the two men made against Marc Gascon, Saint-Jérome’s mayor, are a sign of this fact. They deliberately smeared his reputation and published unsourced information, in order to get a scoop and to make their point : Gascon is involved in a corruption scandal.

Unfortunately for them, their facts once again are non-existent. Their article is merely a childish (but creative) gathering of suppositions.

There are not a single evidence of Gascon’s involvement in a corruption (or collusion) scandal involving construction companies.

Gascon had not realized his home improvement works by companies under contract with the city of Saint-Jérome as La Presse claimed. Gascon did not get a Las Vegas trip offered by construction companies’ managers as Pierrebourg and Noël said. 

Always the same old story with these two so-called investigators. They intentionally mix true and false in order to max out their stories. Though, when we take a closer look, we realize that inaccuracy is the main characteristic of their work.


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