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Fabrice de Pierrebourg is the archetype of trash journalist who never checks his news or uses reliable sources as soon as it comes to getting a scoop.

His “journalistic” book on Canadian Secret services (A Nest of spies) is a masterpiece of information manipulation as well as a lack of talent.

Every single Canadian intelligence expert just laughed at this book who looks a lot more like a bad James Bond movie than a truthful report.

Fabrice de Pierrebourg does not really care about truth and journalistic ethic. What matters for him is sensationalism and to shock his readers.

Readers who are not able to see what is true and what is not in Pierrebourg work. The man has become a master in creating a cocktail of real news, rumours and true lies.

His report on Trudeau airport security, which made him famous, is as dishonest. Pierrebourg was not seeking to test the airport security. He was making a point as well as a statement. 

Actually, it is a bit sad that a prestigious newspaper such La Presse just hired this type of so-called journalist. They probably have forgotten that Pierrebourg was fired from his last job…