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Below, a short and yet very interesting blog’s post on how journalists build stories and fantasies on biased information and unchecked facts.

Who’s the fool now?

I don’t know if Michel Arsenault is totally clean. I don’t try to help him. However, I’m tired of these moralists who want to wash “whiter than white”.

Especially those who remain anonymous in order to spread smears and rumours. I’ve read for weeks a load of articles on Arsenault, but I still wait to understand what is the real problem with Michel Arsenault.

Every single time, we hear about him, it is somehow linked to his trip on Tony Accurso’s boat. Why?  Because it is allegedly linked to corruption in some journalists’ sick minds. Why not? But where are the facts and evidences…

What do we have so far? News articles and anonymous letters roughly claiming that Mr. Accurso’s businesses are shady, that he brings on his boat politicians and union leaders, that he gets big public contracts, that he is therefore a bribe-master and the other corrupted…

Journalists claim that all these people had been secretly invited by Mr. Accurso. As far as I understand, this is not correct. Let’s talk first of Tony Accurso’s businesses. His success made him a public personality who can not get out the light so easily. 

His boat is too big and his invitations too visible to remain hidden. His companies’ contracts? They’re public, ain’t they? Despite what journalists write, there are no secret in Accurso relations with politicians.

If I don’t like Michel Arsenault style, he still has to bring accountability about his actions… and has to answer even embarrassing questions.

The shady side of this story is actually to find on the opposite way. Who is interested in spreading these rumours for months? I’d really like to know who is the puppeteer of this smear campaign. And why?

We can easily imagine that the string are pulled by very well-organized people who have access to powerful media. That’s actually why I wanted to react today even though I’m not a fool and I’m fully aware of the business world realities.

Let’s not pretend we just found out that the corporate world is running on friendly networks and acquaintances. The real problems are illegal operations: I don’t see any in that specific case.